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  • PaintedPony


    Diseños: 685 Ganadores: 18

    Yo disfruto la flexibilidad de trabajar como diseñador con y competer en los muy diversos e interesantes concursos que se ofrecen. Ayudar a los Clientes a obtener la solución perfecta para sus necesidades de diseños son el tipo de desafíos que disfruto. La administración del sitio, el equipo de soporte y los diseñadores son de primera categoría, y es fantástico ser parte de una comunidad de diseñadores que ofrece un servicio tan grandioso.

  • lizonil


    Diseños: 525 Ganadores: 38 has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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termina en14día 8hora

A smoothie vending machine needs vinyl wrap design, Front and 2 sides (either the same on the sides or different if it flows better with the front). The sides a...

termina en14día 8hora
Concurso privado

You must agree to NDA to view the contest details

termina en14día 8hora

We are taking the next step in our brand and brand awareness.  In order to take the next step we need marketing material designed to work together.  We need con...

termina en14día 8hora

BCT is a 110+ year old local communications cooperative in North America in need of a collateral refresh. The company provides broadband, cable TV, land line...

termina en14día 8hora

Need a logo for our annual conference.  Our title for the conference is Reaching New Heights.  Thinking a mountain or blocks as steps to the top which equals su...

termina en14día 8hora

Our current website is the result of my technologically under educated and minimal experience with web design.  New design will COMPLETELY erase all current content with the exception of one Video content ( and some example photos found on Roofing Services page [unless better content can be provided].

Completely open to ANY/ALL design(s).  I do have a few requirements:

1)  See our logo for Reds (Crimson/Maroons/similar) and Blues (Royal/Cobalt/similar) spectrum of colors.  Other colors can be included but these should the "primary" [without being too "heavy"] consideration for colors.  - Psychology of Colors

2)  Fonts must be from the Sans or Sans Serif families ONLY.  While I prefer "Georgia" font (used on current website) it's not always appropriate.  - Psychology of Fonts

3)  Content must be designed to appeal to Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, and Manufacturing building owners and/or property managers.  NO RESIDENTIAL imagery/content.

4)  NO "generic" imagery (like some dude in a hard hat on a random job site).  Please put some thought/consideration behind the images/content you choose.

5)  Must be a minimum of 5 pages.  That's the base $680 offered PLUS an additional $600 for a total of $1280 (*if I am understanding the fee schedule correctly*) for this project.

Other than that, I look forward to the seeing the creative genius of others.

Files have been provided below for inspiration or the designer's use.  Certain images like the Free Roof Health check are completely open to redesign/re-conceptualization.  Others like our video or the matching interactive/rotating banner, are not.

Our hosting is via GoDaddy and the backend has the ability to install WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5 (CMS), and numerous other Blog/CMS platforms.  The platform, the webpage is created/coded for, is unimportant to us (as long as GoDaddy supports it); it just has to be aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and end user friendly.

Must also have the ability for us to easily "tweak" with the site after the fact - like adding additional photos or new blog posts.

If you have any questions or need additional feedback, e-mail me: or text my wife, Leslie , 479-212-4426.

Our current website:  Feel free to use any ideas, content, verbiage, etc.

Basic Company Information:

AllPro Roof Innovations
15361 E Highway 62
Garfield, AR 72732

Transcript from Video Commercial:  "AllPro Roof Innovations’ goal is the revitalization of existing commercial, industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing roofing systems for a lesser cost than whole roof replacement. Accredited by BBB, our selection of roofing solutions can extend your roof’s usable life cycle and improve energy efficiency with minimal impact on your operational continuity. We provide property owners and building managers with roofing alternatives to meet their repair and waterproofing needs in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Veteran contractor with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial renovations. “Don’t Replace Your Roof… Rejuvenate It!”

termina en14día 8hora

You must agree to NDA to view the contest details

termina en14día 8hora

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